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Technology That Doesn’t Compromise on Safety

With RAMCOTEK CONSULTING, rationalize large amounts of data smartly and take advantage of the advanced storage technologies, efficiently. 

What is Storage Migration?

When replacing a storage system, a smart tool called ‘storage migration’ is used to migrate or transport large volumes of data from an old storage system to a new storage system, without using a host.

Why Do You Need Storage Migration?

Storage migration is:

  • Helpful in transferring large data in various formats (online and offline), anytime you need.
  • A reliable tool for your hybrid cloud and server clusters.
  • Used for reducing the time and risk factors of storage. NAS migration, a segment of storage migration, helps create an optimized infrastructure, which fits all of your data storage needs.
  • Vital in reducing the data migration time because you do not have to read-through the servers individually.
  • A must-have for businesses that need strategic storage solutions, which are also not format sensitive.

RAMCOTEK CONSULTING provides unique storage migration tools and services, which are not only securely accustomed to your priority data, but are also cost effective.

Get secured storage migration service that best suits your high volumes of data.

Block Migration

Your hybrid cloud and server clusters can now rely on our storage migration. Our block migration is an effective way to store large amounts of data, such as databases, backups, and files safely.

  • Readily available for hybrid storage
  • Most accessible service
  • High-capacity enabled storage

NAS Migration

NAS migration is an optimized infrastructure, which is apt for your storage needs. It reduces the time and risk factors involved in storage.

Our expertise and reliable technology helps in moving your storage safely, without any disruptions. This way, you’re storing your data smartly, with minimal hassle.